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About us

We are professionals of trust. We listen to our customers and work with them to meet their needs through innovative solutions.


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Our mission is to  provide value-added services to oil producers, refiners and general Industry by improving their in supply chain capabilities.  RESCO Trading combines latest proprietary technology with its industry know-how to reduce their costs, secure long term contract and safe supplys and improve overall quality of their supply chain.  RESCO offers its innovate procurement services for a wide range of products on a worldwide basis.  For more information, contact us.

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RESCO is dedicated to provided unparalleled service to its clients; seeking to obtain the best quality products, at the best possible price, delivered on a consistent and timely basis.


RESCO has built over the years a strong network of high end suppliers and manufacturers and is ideally situated to meet your procurement needs.


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We develop your supply chain logistics.

Who we Are

* Respect: The cordial and both our employees is paramount.

* Collaboration: We work hand in hand both internally and with customers and suppliers to provide a quality service.

* Humility: We recognize that listening to others is important to the business relationship.

* Discipline: It is the way in which the personal and work goals of our workers are achieved through perseverance.

* Service: Provide the necessary attention effectively and efficiently.

* Responsibility: To fulfill the duties and commitments inside and outside the institution for the achievement of the processes and objectives of the company.

* Transparency: Conduct us sincerely and with rectitude at all times, without generating reasons for doubt in the situations that arise.


Mission & Vision



To market industrial products and services, with a work team with ethical values and committed to provide resources and integral solutions to our customers, covering their needs at the best prices.




To be a corporate group leader in the commercialization of socially responsible industrial products and services, committed to the efficiency and quality in the service, fulfilling our demands of profitability and exceeding the expectations of our customers and suppliers.




Logo Resco Home

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Logo Resco Home
Logo Resco Home
Logo Resco Home
Logo Resco Home
Logo Resco Home